Josh Horton

Lightfoot & Wolfville

Photo of Josh Horton

Josh, a native Nova Scotian, grew up mere steps from Lightfoot & Wolfville’s Oak Island Vineyard in Avonport. Agriculture is in his blood and has shaped his life tremendously. Several summers spent in the family garden and on his Grandfather’s farm gave him the foundations for an early career in horticulture and later viticulture. After seven years in the landscaping industry, he helped the Lightfoot family plant their first vineyard in 2008. Shortly thereafter, with a burgeoning passion for a career in grapes and wine, Josh completed the Winery & Viticulture Technician program at Niagara College. Upon returning to Nova Scotia, he spent several vintages at Benjamin Bridge Vineyards’ winery, fulfilling the role of Assistant Winemaker from 2012-2013. Commencing at Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards full time in 2014, Josh is now the Head Winemaker. A true farmer, meticulous viticulturist, and passionate winegrower, Josh believes great fruit is necessary to create fine wine.