Johannes Krütten

Clemens Technologies

Photo of Johannes Krütten

With more than 13 years of experience in various departments at one of the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers and a passion for all kinds of viticulture challenges that require a technical solution, Johannes Krütten has been in charge of national and international sales at Clemens Technologies since 2014. With his fingers constantly on the pulse of the market and being aligned to the needs of his customers, he developed a good feel for those products that need to be focused in R&D strategy, to be constantly one step ahead. In close cooperation with the engineers of the development team, innovative solutions are designed to market maturity and produced in series. For the establishment and development of new sales markets – and also to support existing customers – Johannes travels a lot. He hereby benefits from his private interest in foreign countries, people and viniculture, and therefore it is no wonder that he has an excellent, worldwide network which is helpful in regarding market knowledge.