Gilliane Nadeau

Uncorked Tours

Photo of Gilliane Nadeau

Gilliane Nadeau has been the owner/operator of Uncorked Tours in New Brunswick for the past five years. As an avid traveler, buy local enthusiast, and wine and beer drinker, she saw the opportunity to show off something different in the Maritimes. Gilliane was awarded the "Passion for Change" Outstanding Business Award in 2013 for her tireless disruption of the idea that "fine wine comes from away" and has offered hundred of tours since inception. In addition to offering group tours, in 2014 Saint John Uncorked was launched as a wine and beer walking tour of historic Uptown Saint John, and in 2015 Gilliane became responsible for Barbour's General Store, a museum and visitor information centre. From this homebase, she shares her passion for the Maritimes and in particular her home province of New Brunswick, helping visitors plan where to eat and drink during their entire East Coast trip.